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Super Savings Opportunity

Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells, but with the Mike Gustus Re/Max “Super Savings Opportunity” you could save thousands in commissions!  

Read one client's experience.....

Mike went through the “Super Saver Opportunity” when he initially did his presentation.

After a conditional sale was in place with an option clause, my boss said they were interested in purchasing my home.  Mike handled everything the same way he would have if he had brought the buyer. With the “super Saver Program” we saved $5950.00 plus taxes in commissions with Mike’s “Super Saver” program. Mike does come through on his guarantee offers.                                 - Elzor & Judy


Mike Gustus Re/Max offers the finest money saving program, which could save you thousands of dollars in Commissions! 

Super Savings Opportunity


This program is designed to provide home sellers with the opportunity to save most of the commissions on the sale of their home.


We will list the property MLS along with our full menu of services that are appropriate. This program encourages the seller to take an active role in the sale of their home. We will assist you in trying to find a buyer, by providing you with promotional hi-lite postcards to help you find a buyer, through work or a personal contact you may have. These are available upon request only – Must be requested by the seller!

  • You may show your home anytime you wish.
  • We will provide our full service package as usual.
  • We provide a Feature Sheet package of your home.
  • We will advertise the property in our Multiple Pillar advertising program.
  • You will have regular communication with our office (weekly minimum) and much more.

All of our regular services are carried out as usual.

Please Note: The only marketing right you give up when you list with us is your own for sale sign. Having another sign, besides our Mike Gustus Re/Max sign, could potentially interfere with agent showings.

If you bring a buyer to us, we will pay (discount) the seller the portion of the commission that we would normally pay the buyer’s agent. When you find a buyer you call our office and arrange a time that Mike or one of our buyer specialists can meet both parties at our office to write a contract of purchase on the property.

We will look after all the details from then to possession date (as we always do). We are excited about this new program and look forward to the many times that our clients will save dollars.

Just listen to what Anton had to say… 

 “When Mike told me about his Smart Seller Super Savings Opportunity, I     really never expected that I would be one of the people who would be able to take advantage of the savings.  To my surprise, I met someone who was interested in my condo.  I called Mike and he was happy for me.  We met and Mike wrote the contracts and looked after everything. I saved OVER $6000 in commissions just by hiring Mike and his team to sell my condo!  What a great option to offer his clients.  I had a great experience working with Mike and his team and saved thousands at the same time!”

If you' re ready to hire Mike to sell your property, or would like to know what your home would list for in today's market, call us or click the contact tab and send us your info!