Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers

Guarantee:  If you are not happy with your purchase (through Mike Gustus Re/Max) within the first 24 months ….                  

*Some Conditions Apply

Here's just one example of a client that has benefited from this program:

“I purchased my townhome in the summer of 2017.
I was unhappy living in the gated community and expressed that to Mike Gustus. Mike stated that he was happy to offer the buy back or sell free option to me. Mike and his team sold my townhome at a price I was happy with and did not charge me for any of the services he offers. 

The Gustus Group Guarantee Is Real! I was not happy with my home purchase after 9 months. 

I called Mike and told him my concerns, because I had made major structural changes to the house, Mike could not buy it back. So he sold my house again and provided his services free of charge. I was very please with Mike’s attitude and approach. He was happy to provide his services.”

–Kyum C.


For more details please call 306-668-1800.