Professional Home Specialists




Having A Few Small Issues With Your New Home? 


The door that just does not close right?

The deck or step railing that is loose?

The kitchen drawer that doesn’t work properly?

The garage door that does not open and close properly?

The drapery rod that needs changing?

Our Home improvement specialist is going to make things right!

Most real estate companies would never offer this because they’re afraid there may be no end to the small repairs, but not Mike Gustus Re/Max!

You’ll be amazed at what our Handyman can do in a few hours!
Discount rates provided through Mike Gustus Re/Max.

Interior Decorator

Some Common Questions We Encounter Are Things Like.

What color will I paint the room to go with my furnishings?

How do I arrange my furniture?

How do I place the pictures so they look right?

What color of window treatments should I order?

It’s easy with a Professional Consultant at your side!

Mike Gustus Re/Max will provide a discounted rate.