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  • 3 tips to help you win buyers for your home

    Has it been weeks and you still can’t seem to sell your home? Well, then you might need to make a few tweaks to your strategy or the techniques you are using as chances are that they might be...Read More

  • Why hire Mike Gustus

    The key to selling your property at the best price is by finding a good and trustworthy realtor. There are many real estate agents who are good at selling property, but not all of them do a good job...Read More

  • How can I increase the value of my property?

    Every person who owns some property or the other will definitely want to sell it at the highest possible rate. However, to achieve this the owner of a property, like a house for instance, will need...Read More

  • How to market your property effectively

    The sale of your property depends on how well you market it. Your property is definitely not going to sell itself even though you have put it up on a real estate listing. If your aim is to sell your...Read More

  • How long will it take to sell my house

    Every owner of some real estate wants to know how long it would take to sell their property. However, the answer to this question is not so simple as the time it takes to sell a house would vary...Read More

  • How an Open-House can help you sell your property

    You must be using a lot of marketing techniques to sell your property. Then you surely must be thinking, why should I have an Open-house? Advertising your property online or on a listing will...Read More

  • 3 things to increase curb appeal

    When people look at your home, they should immediately go ‘Wow, I wish I had a place like that!’. That’s what it means to have a good curb appeal. Your property must be so well maintained that...Read More

  • Importance of a home inspection

    Everyone wants to get the best house that is available on the real estate market. However, even after searching every area for the finest real estate, there is always something wrong that you could...Read More

  • How do I know the value of my home?

    There are many advantages for knowing the value of your property. For the owner of a home, this is even more important. Knowing the value of your home means that you will know exactly how much your...Read More

  • Key things to have on your purchase agreement

    When you sell your house there are certain legal norms that need to be followed, so that the entire process of selling any property to a buyer and receiving the final amount for it takes place...Read More

  • Things you should know before you relocate

    Relocating yourself and your family is something that could be both exciting and scary at the same time. If you have chosen to relocate to a new neighbourhood, then you could be very well excited...Read More

  • Tips to help you move to your new home

    So you have just bought a new house. While you must be super excited to move into your brand new dwellings you should first plan and decide the right way to move in. Many people in their excitement...Read More

  • What do realtors charge for selling a house?

    This is a fair question that many home sellers would like to know the answer to before they go ahead and partner with any realtor. However, since the real estate industry has many licensed realtors,...Read More

  • What is the home-buying process?

    There are many people who expect the home buying process to be similar to say picking out a new piece of furniture, like a chair for instance. You simply go to the furniture store, look around for...Read More

  • What makes a good neighbourhood?

    Buying a house is not just about the house itself. When you choose a house, you are actually choosing the neighbourhood in which you are going to live in. So since buying a house is a huge...Read More

  • Why choose a realtor versus selling a home privately?

    When you decide to sell your home, you would obviously want to get the best value for it and not settle for anything other than your asking price. You might even think about selling it all by...Read More

  • Why it is better to buy vs. rent a home

    Thinking of whether to buy a house or just take a place on rent? Well, there are many people like you who are asking themselves the same question. There are many benefits of just renting a place as...Read More

  • Why should I use a real estate agent to list my property?

    Selling any piece of land or property can be a lengthy and arduous process, especially if you have not sold any property before. You may think that you can do it on your own as you know the true...Read More

  • Market Comments 3rd Quarter

     We are seeing a significant shift in the Saskatoon Market this spring and summer. I find that once the price and condition of a home meets the buyer’s expectations and presents what the buyer...Read More

  • Narrated Home Tours

    Enjoy our narrated home tours - a VIRTUAL OPENRead More

  • Federal Budget 2019: New Incentives For First-Time Buyers

    The incentive is interest-free, and there are no penalties for buying out the CMHC’s stake, CBC reports.Read More

  • SRAR Media Release

    May brings buyers to Saskatoon housing market - Sales rise 16 per cent from same month of last year. City sales came in at 422 units, up from 363 last May and 420 the year before, the Saskatoon...Read More

  • Sales Jumped Eighteen Per Cent!

    April housing demand in the Saskatoon region was the strongest in three years, as sales jumped 18 per cent over the same month ofRead More

  • SRAR Media Release

    “We’re coming into the spring market, and the degradation of prices over the last three year has made it a little more attractive out there. People do get a little bit more optimistic in the...Read More

  • SRAR Media Release

    February listings drop, sales rise in SaskatoonRead More

  • Generation Z Home Buyers

    Move over Millennials, the up and coming Generation Z (born after 1995) is starting to enter the Home Buying Market! This group has some unique buying habits andRead More

  • Year over Year Average Home Price Declines

    In spite of this dollar volume decline, January residential home sales on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) in Saskatoon totaled declined by only 1% in January with 199 transactions. The region...Read More

  • Mike's Market Comments

    I feel it is a great time to sell or buy a home. If you have considered making some changes, or just want to prepare for the time when you will want to sell, and you wish to discuss your options,...Read More

  • YTD Home Sales Down 5%

    Some price ranges with still have a good supply to choose from while others will not. It’s important to remember that REALTORS® have the greatest access to available property” he adds....Read More

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